“Martha has a long history of serving her community as a teacher, planning commission member, and community volunteer. Her conservative reasoned approach to leadership would be a great asset to the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors and a logical extension of her community service.”
Joe McNamara – Virginia House Of Delegates 8th District
 “It gives me great pleasure to endorse Martha Hooker the Catawba seat on the Roanoke county Board of Supervisors. I have known Martha, and her family through the Roanoke Count Schools and her service on the Roanoke County Planning Commission for at least fifteen years. Martha has a history of making good decisions, based on facts and in the best interest of the people she serves and for Roanoke County as a whole.”
Richard C. Flora – former Roanoke County Supervisor, Hollins District
 “I have known Martha for years as a friend, neighbor and colleague. Her commitment and dedication to our community have always been apparent in everything she undertakes.”
Ann Blomberg – Glenvar High School Art Teacher, former neighbor

"I worked with Martha for over 15 years in our roles as Planning Commissioners for the county. I saw her function in leadership roles on the commission as well as a team member.  Her leadership and communications skills are excellent, especially when approaching difficult land use decisions.   We did not always agree on issues, but she always listened to both sides and made her decisions through thoughtful considerations. I could not fault her for desiring to do what was best for her district and the county as a whole.  She always listened to the concerns of the residents as well as the business community, seeking to achieve an even balance between sometimes conflicting needs.  This is a person that Roanoke County needs to guide us through this decade and beyond!"
Don Witt – former Roanoke County Planning Commissioner

"I have witnessed Martha Hooker making decisions based on facts, listening to all around her and looking out for what was in the best interest of the Roanoke Valley.  Martha has my support and I am honored to endorse her for the Catawba District Board of Supervisor’s position. I believe she will be a true advocate for the citizens in her district and would add a positive effect on the Board of Supervisors."
Gary Jarrell - Former Planning Commissioner


“I see qualities of leadership that will enhance our Board of Supervisors. Also, her experience with the Planning Commission is a great asset in knowing the mechanics of our Roanoke County government.” 
Shirley Noell Martin – Community Leader

 “It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Martha Hooker for Roanoke County Board of Supervisors.  Her willingness to serve the community on the Planning Commission for over two decades, her experience as a community servant, her ability to  lead without contention, and most of all, her ever present integrity make her the ideal candidate.”  
Jean Wheeling – retired Roanoke County Teacher

Martha's professionalism and commitment to the area; along with the ability to work as a team player makes her my choice (the best person) to serve as Roanoke County Catawba District Supervisor. Martha is trustworthy, dedicated, and caring. She will be an excellent representative for our community. 
Judy Conyers – community leader

“We need a change and Martha is the one we support!”  
Leon Martin – Community Leader
 “Martha Hooker will add dignity, grace, intelligence and forward-thinking to our County government".
Janet Scheid – former Roanoke County Planner

"I have been impressed by the leadership and attention to detail that Martha offers the planning commission. It is an honor to serve with her."
Wayne Bower – current Roanoke County Planning Commissioner

 “I am pleased to endorse Martha Hooker for supervisor for Catawba District.  She will do a great job representing the entire district and will be a fresh, new voice on the Roanoke County Board.”
Martha Smith – Retired Roanoke County Schools Teacher

"Martha Hooker is one of the finest, most dependable, trustworthy women that we have ever known. She will bring fresh ideas to the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors and will represent everyone who lives in the Catawba District. Her varied experiences in serving the community will be of great help in future planning. We are proud to give Martha our support."
Willis White - retired football coach and teacher
Sharon White - retired Secretary Senior, Virginia State Police

 "While I was serving on the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors, I had the pleasure of working with and reappointing Martha Hooker to the County Planning Commission. I found her to be a hard worker who was dedicated to the betterment of the Catawba District and Roanoke County. She considered each request to the Planning Commission carefully and sought the opinions of others, including myself, before making decisions. I believe her dedication and ability to work with others are important and sorely needed at this time. Consensus seeking and cooperation within the County Board of Supervisors is would be a welcome change. I heartily endorse her election to the Catawba district of the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors."
Fenton "Spike" Harrison - former Board of Supervisor, Catawba District